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  Food Process Machines |

S. S. Jackitid Tank
Walnut Cake Automated Forming
KT Food Process Machine
Heating System Automated Machinery

Roast Oven For Chicken And Duck
Model: WS-516, WS-517

Magic Roaster
Model: WS-001, WS-002

Infra - Red, Ray Gas Grill
WS-4, WS-6, WS-10,
WS-18, WS-20, WS-22

Automatic Fryer Series
The oil can be screened continued, but the food won't be stained.
Automatic controller to the quantity of oil, together with the accessories of oil supplying tank.
The conveyor can rise and fall, easily cleaned...

Continous Grain Puff Snack Food Production Line
Humidifier, Chocolate Filler,Grain Puff Machine, Squeeze Cutting Machine, Tunnel Oven ,Conveyor,Oil Spray Tank,Rotary Seasoning Machine ,Seasoning Spray System ,Conveyor ,Air Compressor Cutting MachineConveyor,Auto Rice Loader,Shatter Machine (A),Shatter Machine (B),Shake Machine ,Choco Bowl Mixer,Chocolate Pump
Meat Processing Machines
Items :
Gas Rotary Oven, Slicer, Automatic Slicer, High Speed Meat Twisting Machine, Rotary Type Friend Meat Shredded Dryer, Tri-Use Mixer,

Advance Food Processing Machinery
Items :
Fish Washer, Fish Deboner, Fish Meat Lea Cher, Fish Meat Rotary Sieve, Fish Meat Screw Press, Fish Meat Strainer, Fish Planer, Heavy-Duty Surimi Planer, Fish Meat Silent Cutter & Mixer, Fish Meat Pestle Grinder, Fish Meat Blender, Fish Ball Moulder, Fish Burger Moulder, Sample of Moulds, Fish Cake Moulder, Multi Purpose Fryer

Food Processing Machinery
Cutter Rotary Drum, Vermicelli Process Machinery,Twin Mixer, Special Purpose Belt Conveyor, S.S Cooker c/w Controls, Grain/Powder Packing Machine

Slicer For Shred Cod

Gas / Electric / Steam Dryer
The Functions :
    1. Gas automatic fire lighting.
    2. Temperature control.
    3. Heating indicator
    4. Inner temperature indicator.
    5. Heating circulatory, can be dried evenly.
Safety Equipment :
    1. Automatic alarm equipment after fire stopping.
    2. Automatic stop alarm equipment, if motor extraodinary.

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