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  Pu-Foam |

Peeling Machine

Mattress Cover Filling Machine
The SA -16 mattress cover filling machine is specially designed for filling foam into the mattress cover. By placing the foam on the filling roller, slip the mattress cover into the front entrance, press the step button the foam will automatically be filled into the cloth cover. The tfuckness and the width of the foam mattress are adjustable.

Auto Tape Edge Machine
The sunkist SA-TIA auto tape edge machine is specially designed for automatically stitiching the tape to close all kinds of mattress. The combination of the machine is divided into four mian systems, working tabe sewing head, swing arm and auto flipping equipment...

Tape Edge Machine
The SA-T1 tape edge machine is designed for stitching the tape to close all kinds of mattress, using two thread double lock chain stitch, the thread supply from large cups, bobbin is not required. The available working tape width is between 14mm to 50mm. The sewing head angle can de adjusted by the hand wheel manually to close the mattress...

H Type Chipping Machine
The SA-4A chipping machine is suitavle for chipping all kinds of flexible PU Foam waste, such as HR molding as well as the material waste from foam quilting mattress cover. The machine consist of rotary and stationary cutter with water cooling system built inside the machine and also with an additional powerful fan blower, blowing the foam chips out of the machine into the silo or sotrage room. The particle size can be changed by changing the net mesh.

V Type Chipping Machine

Vertical Cutting Machine
The SA-3 vertical cutting machine is for trimming the sides of the foam block or cutting foam sheet into desired strip size. The cutting unit's stationary side fence is moved by hand wheel and the forward and backward movements of the sliding table is moved manually.

Automatic Circular Horizontal Cutting Machine
The cutting unit of SA-2AC is fitted with a rotating circular table. The blocks are placed on the roatating table, when cutting the block into sheets it will remain stacked on the table, the whole block can be removed after cutting. The table is driven by a stable and noiseless motor. The rotating speed of the table is adjustable.

Block Cutter (Cross Type)
Sa-C1 block cutter is used to traverrse cutting continuous foam blocks. When proceed woth cutting operation the machine is automatically synchronised with the foaming speed. The cutting unit is driven together with foaming drive...

Automatic Batch Mixing Machine
SA-1BS is a fully automatic discontinue foaming machine. The machine head with rotary arm, which can rotate 180 degrees manually...

Promix Slabstock Machine
The sunkist promix foaming machine is a foaming machine for continuous production of flexible polyurethane foam in square blocks.

CNC Contour Cutting Machine
The cutting unit consists of welding steel frame with durable running pulley which is made of high-technology material. by means of special cutting knife which can compose cutting shapes and ares. The cutting knife is tensioned by pneumatic and started by electronic speed control. The cutting table is made by light metal structure with holdong equipment to provide foam to be move away while it is in cutting action...

Contour Cutting Machine
The SA-14B is a two-dimensional contour machine. The cutting unit consists of a frame with a tracing pin and 4 wheels. The cutting tool is an endless steel wheet wire. The desired foam shape can be cut by tracing along the wooden template frame with the tracing pin. The machine is consisted of a table with vacuum system for holding the foam block and a collecting system for a sucking foam dust.

CNC Contour Vertical Cutting Machine
This machine not only contains the functions of a straight line cutting machine, which is to cut large foam block into small pieces, it can also cut curves, round shape or various type of shapes. It is a very powerful and useful machine. Normally when cutting a shape other than a square, such as a circle, we need to draw the patent on the foam block before we can cut it manually on a traditional vertical cutting table.

Cutting Machine

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