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MF 4240

MF 5285 Haulage Tractor


The rapid expansion of recreational facilities and municipal beautification - has led to increasing requirements for cost-effective turf-care equipment. HOWARD'S experience in tractor-mounted undergrowth and grass-maintenance implements (Rotaslashers) and soil preparation (Rotavators) - and its close co-operation with the tractor trade, has resulted in its specialised turf-care implements now being widely used by golf courses and municipalities in Southeast Asia.

Road Maintenance

Seedbed Preparation
A well-prepared seedbed is recognised in agronomy as one of the most vital preconditions for successful germination and crop establishment. Add to that: Speed, tilth options, low weight and low tractor horse power requirement, and it becomes evident why rotavation has become a favourite method of soil tillage in Asia. Rotavation is the direct application of tractor engine power to soil preparation in establishing the ideal growth conditions for seedlings and seeds.

Fertiliser Spreading
BROADCASTING is the most accurate method of obtaining uniform application over the entire spreading w idth. BAND SPREADING prevents fertiliser dropped in the tractor path, and is suited for rows of tree crops, with limited root circle. TERRACE SPREADING requires selective left. right or rear discharge on spreaders for compact tractors.

Grass Control
Hitched to any mini-tractor, HS 14 will provide economical and excellent grass maintenance for sports fields, road-sides and parks. Flexible, manoeverable, functional, with or without rollers. Fast-rotating sharp swing-back blades. Stepless height adjustment. Tractor PTO drive (540 rpm) protected by shear bolt torque limiter. Off-settable to the left or right of tractor wheels.